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Eagle Academy visits Atlantic Adult Healthcare

Eagle Academy visits Atlantic Adult Healthcare


As the Holidays were closing in, the students of Eagle Academy delivered poinsettias and helped the clients of AAH in Northfield create ornaments.  Under the direction of Art teacher Wendy Montecalvo the students came with supplies and helped make over 50 ornaments. Beautiful poinsettias were placed on every table. They were donated by Patcong Farms of Egg Harbor Township.


Eagle student Cimeron Oglesby delivering Poinsettias


Student Chis Matos works with clients of Atlantic Adult Healthcare to create holiday ornaments


Eagle Academy Art Crew from left to right

Michael Wright, Chris Matos, Jake Clayton, Cassie Lopez, teacher Wendy Montecalvo, Lili Camacho, Cimeron Oglesby, Lennix Martin, David Ortiz

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3 Eagle Academy projects were chosen.

The EHT Education foundation annonced their grant awards for this year. 3 Eagle Academy projects were chosen. Congratulations!
Title:   Art Nite At Eagle     
Amount:  $345
Staff Members:  Wendy Montecalvo
Description: Motivation to participate in art class at Eagle is often low. This project will help to increase motivation and interest in the world of art. This project will be a continuation of the “Gallery Exchange ” that was started at Swift and was then used at Miller.  Student art work will be framed, identified with a gold pate and displayed for sale.  Parents, teachers and businesses will be invited to the Exchange. Each piece will be priced at $30 and the money will be used to expand the art department at Eagle.
Title:   Project Stay Gold (PSG)  
Amount:  $500
Staff Members:  Dorothy Bowker
Description: Human trafficking is a growing problem and one which high school students should be aware. Chapters are forming in New Jersey to help educate people about the issues involve. The students at eagle will form a group that will gain knowledge about human trafficking.  They will then conduct monthly classroom presentations at he Middle Schools and the High School. The sudents will keep journals reflecting on their activities.
Title:   STEAM 1,2,3           
School:  Eagle Academy                   
Amount:  $500
Staff Members:  Laurie Lee Walters, Vilma Vogt, Wendy Montecalvo
Description: Many of our students do not see the value of education, and many lack an appreciation of nature or art. A STEAM class is being developed for Fridays that will hopefully make the importance of education, art and nature more obvious. We have several projects planned: Sunflowers – the students will plant seeds, cultivate the resulting plants and at he culmination of the project, roast the sunflower seeds that result from their efforts. Another project is to design , build and decorate kites. There will be a final culminating activity of flying the kites. The last project I a wall mural called “Below the Sea.” the students will study fish, sea turtles and the like, and then create replicas, drawings and paintings that will be added to the sea wall.

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welcome back 2015-2016


Egg Harbor Township Schools

Mission Statement

Our mission in the Egg Harbor Township School District is to partner with the student, family, school, and community to provide a safe learning environment that addresses rigorous and relevant 21st Century standards and best practices which will develop academic scholarship, integrity, leadership, citizenship, and the unique learning style of students, while encouraging them to develop a strong work ethic and to act responsibly in their school community and every day society.

District Goal for 2015-16

To build a culture and climate that explores, embraces, measures and adapts to support individual student learning and achievement.

STEM Objective:  To increase student engagement and learning through ongoing expansion and implementation of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) across grades PK-12.

PLC Objective:  To continue building capacity for professional dialog among faculty, staff and administration focused on professional development, data analysis, Response to Intervention (RTI), and student learning and achievement.

LITERACY Objective:  To continue building capacity of all teachers to implement literacy strategies across all grade levels to improve student learning and achievement.

District Theme for 2015-16

“What’s Driving You?”

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Eagle Grants

Eagle Academy has recently been awarded numerous grants:

  • Workforce Investment Act = $83,000 for work readiness & career planning projects
  • AtlanticCare “Healthy Schools” = $1,500 to continue and develop our gardens
  • Atlantic County Culture & Heritage Fund = $750 to create a local history video
  • EHT Education Foundation Mini-Grant = $480 to purchase pedometers to encourage students to “step up to better health”